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Ernest Hemingway once named a blank piece of paper “The White Bull,” for the blank page not only terrified him, but also deeply excited him. Like Hemingway, The White Bull is our own blank page—our own thrilling opportunity to express ourselves, our passion, and our craft.

The White Bull is a dynamic New American restaurant by Chef Pat Pascarella.

Located in Decatur, Georgia, The White Bull draws its culinary inspiration from the surrounding local market. While our small-plate menu challenges the Italian farm-to-table classics, it ultimately reflects the ingredients being seasonally, regionally, and sustainably grown across our beautiful state.

We’re proud to work with an incredible network of farmers and purveyors who share in our mission to promote natural eating, cooking, and growing practices. Thanks to their dedication, The White Bull serves house-milled grains, farm-fresh produce, and grass-fed meats at the tables of our bright and energetic space.